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Shooper App is the wonder app that helps offline shoppers find the cheapest prices at offline physical supermarkets, it’s an Indonesian mobile application for social activity belonging to PT Indo Bisnis Dinamis (IBD International) in Jakarta. A key aspect to the success of operations is recommended best price and location of store based on consumer needs based on goods and services (ie groceries, household products, beauty and cosmetics, etc.), Shooper App needs a reliable, evolutive and sustainable smart shopping management system, customised to its business.


The system is made of a back-end system and a mobile application. The key features are:

  • Define the parameters of the shopping management system: Calculate Shopping list based on nearest stores and Calculate shopping list price based on cheapest price from multiple stores.
  • Popular products, Popular brands, Popular categories, Shopping Lists, Shooper Point, Best Price products, Recipes, Promotions, Reward of redeemable items and vouchers.

Technology: Odoo & ReactNative

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